Use the functionality of MEDITyme four your purpose. Embedded into your design, with all rights regarding the data and with unlimited options for individual adaptation.

  • Ass Expert platform for knowledge workers, lawyers, agencies, publishers, practices, financial advisory, coaches, teacher, consultants, etc.

  • As internal communication  platform for distributed teams or mobile organizations.

  • As service centre of the future.

  • As platform for training and coaching with internal and external coaches.

  • As sales platform.

  • As learn- and webinar-platform, e.g. as online school.


  • Globally scalable (multi-language, elastic, customisable)

  • For market places in Europe (PSD2).

  • Certified for the German Videosprechstunde (KBV)

  • Available on all devices without installation (Smartphone, Tablet, PC)

  • 1:1 Video-communication with per minute billing, invoicing and money collection.

  • Further functionality such as Webinars, Event-Streaming, Video-conferencing, screen share, file exchange, appointment booking.